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To be Brazen is to aim high with your sights set on success

Our watches have been designed in the U.S. and manufactured in Switzerland, the global home of watchmaking: American Design and Swiss Made equals Passion with Precision…just like the sports we support.


From the start, Brazen Sports has been dedicated to celebrating the passion of shooting sports enthusiasts. We believe the time has come for shooting sports to be given the recognition it deserves with a custom-built range of watches. Brazen Sports honors this sporting elite, and in creating unique watches reflects the technical mastery that mirrors what it is to be a marksman.
Brazen recognizes that dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen bring time and talent to their chosen sport. As a professional athlete who competes, or a hobbyist who simply enjoys the world of shooting as a pastime, you appreciate quality and the pursuit of precision. These are the values upon which Brazen Sports was founded. So whether it’s as a competitive shooter, or as a hunter out in the field, Brazen is on watch.


A vision in seconds

We create unique, exceptional watches. Brazen Sports was founded by individuals with a pioneering track record in the watchmaking industry. Our award-winning team is driven by a passion for timekeeping, an outdoors lifestyle, and action sports in particular.
What makes Brazen unique though, is not simply the vision to create watches for shooting and racing aficionados. We want to capture the dedication, artistry and perfectionism that pushes individuals to excel at their dreams and or chosen sports. So wearing a Brazen watch signifies a way of being that expects more and accepts nothing less the very best.
To this end, Brazen has assembled an international team of designers and watchmakers, in an American-Swiss collaboration. The result is a collection that offers contemporary U.S. design classics and a patented technology, rendered perfect by Swiss Made precision watchmaking. That is the dual hallmark of a Brazen timepiece.

The historical engineering of timepieces and fine jewelry represents the greatest level of passion to commitment and excellence. Beginning in Detroit as a jewelry polisher in 1985, I learned the art of stone setting, and a trade was born. Based on my father’s heritage as a tailor and a clothier, I naturally moved into retail and soon discovered that understanding the mechanics was just the beginning. Learning about the industry demanded everything from geology to history to deliver the message of the craftsman to the consumer. My aspiration for knowledge and professionalism led me to the Gemological Institute of America in California, where I earned my Graduate Gemologist degree. My time spent in this fascinating industry has allowed me the opportunity to live in amazing places, and the pleasure of meeting and working with wonderful people from around the world.

Founder and CEO

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